Platinum PADI Course Director and Elite 300 Award.

We had a visit during our current PADI IDC today from the PADI Regional Manager to present me with two awards.  Andy came by the dive centre to present me with the two highest awards in the PADI system – Elite 300 Instructor, and Platinum PADI Course Director !

PADI Platinum Course Director, Elite 300 Instructor, IDC Thailand, CD Richard Reardon

The Elite 300 Instructor award is the highest award in the Elite Instructor programme. This is awarded to PADI Instructors who certify three hundred or more students in a calendar year.  For 2016 there were seventy-five PADI Instructors worldwide who achieved this milestone.

PADI Elite 300 Instructor, Platinum Course Director, Richard Reardon, PADI Award, IDC Thailand, Phuket,

The Platinum PADI Course Director rating is the highest rating a PADI Course Director can earn – the highest level of PADI Instructor !  It is awarded to the top Course Directors around the world who issue a certain number of PADI Instructor-level certifications each year.  For 2017, there were less than one hundred Course Directors globally who reached this landmark.

Platinum PADI Course Director, Richard Reardon, IDC Thailand, Phuket, Elite Instructor, PADI Awards

Here’s to a busy 2017 and more PADI awards to come next year !

If you are interested in becoming a PADI Instructor in Thailand, with an award-winning PADI Course Director, please send us an email for further details on our PADI IDC programmes


How To Prepare For Your PADI IDC

PADI IDC Thailand, Dive Theory, Study notes, dive instructor

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is an intensive programme, usually lasting around twelve days.  There is a lot of new information and knowledge to take in during this time-frame, and your course will be a lot easier if you are not also trying to re-learn things that you should already know as a PADI Divemaster.

Your IDC training will be much more relaxed, and the IE will be much easier, if you are comfortable with dive theory and a few other things before you arrive.  You will spend time during the IDC going through this, and completing more dive theory exams, but there will also be a lot more information for you to take in, and most nights you will have teaching presentations to prepare after a full day in the classroom.  I like to give my candidates a set of dive theory exams on the first day of the IDC, and I would expect everyone to be able to pass with a minimum score of 75% in each of the five subjects – Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Dive Skills & The Environment, and The RDP & Decompression Theory.

PADI IDC Phuket, Thailand, dive theory exams, study notes
Physics is fun !

When people book a PADI IDC with Go Pro In Paradise, we send a link to our students with materials to study before arriving – dive theory study notes, practise exams, knot tying videos, RDP revision questions etc..  A few of these study tools are also available to download from the Go Pro In Paradise website.  We also have a few videos to help understand the dive theory on our YouTube channel.

As a Divemaster, you should also be comfortable with the following knots:

  • Sheet bend
  • Two Half-Hitches
  • Bowline

It will also be beneficial if you are also familiar with the ‘reef knot’, or ‘square knot’, – as this is sometimes the result of a sheet bend going wrong, and you need to be able to recognise this error.

The more comfortable you are with all this information before you arrive, the more you will be able to focus and the new information and spending your evenings preparing your teaching presentations for the next day.  If you also need to spend your evenings trying to figure out how to calculate minimum surface intervals, or trying to remember the difference between convection and conduction, then you will be a lot more stressed during your training.

When you book an IDC with us, we will start helping you prepare straight away.  We don’t just wait until you arrive and then try to cover all this during twelve days.  Our IDCs are nice and relaxed when the students have revised the information that we send them at the time of booking.

If you would like more information about our PADI IDC programmes in Koh Lanta, Thailand, please feel free to send us an email –

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Teaching Tips: The most important skill…

PADI IDC Thailand, Confined Water, Go Pro, Scuba Instructor, Koh Lanta, Tao, Phuket

Which skill do you think is the most important when teaching an Open Water Diver Course ? Mask clearing ? C.E.S.A. ? Neutral buoyancy ? No, for me it’s ‘breathing underwater’ from Confined Water Dive 1. Not only is it essential to stay alive, but it the basis of everything that happens underwater…

PADI IDC Koh Lanta, Thailand, Tao, Phuket, Bali, Indonesia, Confined Water, Teaching Diving, Scuba Instructor

Quite often on an Open Water course this skill gets brushed over and taught too quickly. But if you spend the time explaining the importance and the effect of breathing correctly underwater, you might find that your entire Open Water Course will flow more smoothly. As an instructor, do not be too quick to place extra weight on the student’s belt when they can’t descend at the start of Confined Water Dive 1. Instead, take the time to explain the correct breathing pattern, and the importance of long exhalations. Once the student divers do this, they should descend more easily, and now right from the beginning, they have understood the correlation between breathing and buoyancy/depth control.  Their instinct now, should they start to rise in the water will be to exhale, rather than to reach for the deflate button.

PADI IDC Phuket, Koh Lanta, Tao, Phi Phi, Thailand, Platinum Course Director, CDTC Prep

Sometimes at the beginning of an Open Water Course, the students are a little nervous, and this can affect their breathing pattern too. Once underwater, I then take the time to teach the correct breathing pattern before attempting mask clearing or regulator skills. I treat this skill underwater as an introduction to the fin pivot. I ask them to lie down from the first moment they go underwater – never on the knees –  practising equalising as they do so.  Then I ask them to watch my hand as I coax them into a relaxed, correct breathing pattern. As they do this, I add little amounts of air to their BCDs to get them neutrally buoyant, so they are essentially ‘fin pivoting‘, and I will let them continue with this for several minutes – just breathing. After they are relaxed with this, I can continue with the rest of the skills in this ‘diving’ position. If I find that I need to add a significant amount of air, then I will remove a weight from their belts, as they are over-weighted. Now the students will truly start to understand the importance of the correct breathing pattern underwater and the effect this has on buoyancy, depth, and position in the water, and your Open Water Course will be easier to teach, and more importantly, your students will be better divers…

To learn more tips about teaching PADI courses why not enrol in one of our PADI IDC or PADI IDC Staff Instructor courses at PADI CDC Lanta Diver, Koh Lanta – email for further details –

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New 2014 PADI Instructor Manual

The New PADI Instructor Manual is available !

PADI IDC Thailand Koh Phi Phi Koh Lanta Phuket

The updated 2014 version of the PADI Instructor Manual is available for download from the PADI Pros website.  Log-n to the Pros site, and then hover the mouse over ‘Training essentials’, then click on ‘Digital Instructor Manual’.  Make sure you’re teaching the latest standards, so download the latest version today !  At present the new manual is available in the following languages – English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and French, with other languages to follow…

If you are not yet an instructor, but would like to be, visit our website to learn how you can make your dream a reality.  Or you can simply e-mail us for further information…


PADI IDC Thailand Koh Phi Phi Lanta Phuket

PADI IDC Thailand
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New year, new career ?

PADI IDC Thailand Phuket Phi Phi Lanta

Well, I hope everybody had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and that 2014 is a great year too !  2013 was a busy year for IDCs on Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, and some great times were had.  My IDC candidates’ 100% first time pass-rate is still in tact, and I hope some of you can come and help me extend that throughout the coming year too…

PADI IDC Thailand Phuket Phi Phi Lanta
Two happy new PADI Instructors !


Our next PADI IDC will be taking place on Koh Phi Phi at Phi Phi Barakuda, and will start on January 30th.  If there’s anyone contemplating becoming a PADI Instructor, there’s still time and spaces on this IDC.  Please e-mail me at for further information.

PADI IDC Thailand Phuket Phi Phi Lanta
E-mail for info –


We have plenty of other IDCs planned throughout 2014 too.  Why not take a look at our IDC schedule to see if there are any dates that would suit your plans.  If there’s anything you would like tom know about making the step to become a PADI Pro, either at Divemaster or Instructor level, please feel free to drop me an e-mail on

Have a great 2014 everybody !

PADI IDC Thailand
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Upcoming PADI IDC Courses in Thailand

The end of 2013 is already edging nearer.  And high season on the west coast of Thailand is even closer.  So this is the perfect time to come and take your PADI IDC in Thailand with Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Reardon.

PADI IDC Thailand Koh Phi Phi Koh Lanta

The next IDC is only a few days away, but we have another three IDCs scheduled after this one on Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi.  With high season just around the corner too, it is a great time to take your IDC as employment opportunities are very good.  Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi both have a high season running from November through to May and there will be large numbers of students passing through just waiting to explore the beauty hidden beneath the Andaman Sea.

PADI IDC Thailand Koh Lanta Koh Phi Phi
Five happy new PADI instructors


The diving from these two beautiful islands is ideal for the novice diver, and a great place to begin teaching.  Water temperatures hover close to 30° year round, visibility averages 20m, the currents are mild and the marine life exquisite.

PADI IDC Thailand Koh Phi Phi Koh Lanta Phuket Krabi
Leopard shark at Shark Point


So, if you’re looking to ‘Go Pro In Paradise‘ and change your lifestyle to become a PADI diving instructor, use our contact form or send us an e-mail for further information on how you can exchange your office for the ocean…


PADI IDC Thailand
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The June PADI IDC on Koh Phi Phi is done and dusted…

We have just completed another successful PADI IDC/IE in paradise.  The IDC held at 5★ IDC Centre Phi Phi Barakuda in Thailand has been fun, and following the IE, we now have another three PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors in our midst…

PADI IDC Thailand, Koh Phi Phi
Three happy new instructors !


The IDC began on June 3rd, and after a few days of ‘prep course’ got into full swing.  We had lots of fun both in the classroom and in the water.  After a few skill circuits and rescue practises, Darrius, Annika and Laurie were ready to deliver some teaching presentations of their own…

PADI IDC Thailand, Koh Phi Phi
Teaching in Confined Water…


PADI IDC Thailand, Koh Phi Phi
Teaching Knowledge Development presentations…


PADI IDC Thailand, Koh Phi Phi
Knot-tying in Open Water…


Throughout the IDC, and indeed the IE, the candidates recorded some very impressive scores.  And now they can relax in the knowledge that all the hard work has paid off, and can concentrate on getting their first students underwater…

PADI IDC Thailand, Koh Phi Phi
The happy new instructors smiling after the final water session…


Next up we will be undertaking some PADI Specialty Instructor training.  All three candidates will be completing MSDT Prep to become qualified to teach five PADI Specialty courses.  We will be training in AWARE Shark Conservation, Digital Underwater photography, Deep, Nitrox and AWARE Fish IDC specialties.

If you too would like to swap your office for the ocean and become a PADI SCUBA diving instructor, then e-mail me or use our contact form for further information. My next PADI IDC will be starting on June 27th in conjunction with 5★ IDC Centre Phi Phi Barakuda

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