Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructor

Go Pro In Paradise are proud to adopt a dive site with Project AWARE !

PADI IDC Thailand, Phuket, Dive Against Debris, Clean Oceans, Specialty Instructor

Harnessing the unique underwater skill set of the professional diving community, Adopt A Dive Site empowers dive leaders around the globe to engage in ongoing, local protection of our underwater playgrounds.

As part of our commitment to The Project AWARE Foundation’s flagship citizen-science programme, Dive Against Debris™, Go Pro In Paradise carries out monthly Dive Against Debris surveys during all our PADI IDCs at All 4 Diving Phuket, Thailand, reporting types and quantities of marine debris found underwater each month from our adopted dive site – Crystal Bay, Phuket. Our repeated marine debris surveys help improve the health of local ocean ecosystems. More importantly, the data we submit to Project AWARE provides much-needed information about marine debris to help drive policy change. Together, Go Pro In Paradise and other Adopt a Dive Site participants around the world build a strong and vibrant community of Dive Against Debris activists. Help us ignite a new wave of stewardship – join us!

Project AWARE, Dive Against Debris, PADI IDC Thailand, Specialty Instructor training

We will be adding this to our IDC programmes, at no extra cost, to train the next generation of PADI Instructors to be Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructors, so they can train their future students to protect the ocean too.  As a PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructor, not only will you be able to teach this PADI Specialty course, but you will also be able to conduct Dive Against Debris Adventure Dives as part of every Advanced Open Water course that you teach too – you can create an army of ocean advocates of your own !

PADI IDC thailand, Platinum Course Director, Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructor training, Ocean Conservation

To learn more about Adopt a Dive Site, visit www.projectaware.org/adoptadivesite

Or to find out more about our PADI IDC programmes in Thailand email rich@go-pro-in-paradise.com

PADI IDC Thailand, IDC Staff Instructor, CDTC Prep, Divemaster Internships


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